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You try to be everything for everybody.

You constantly go "above and beyond" for others, but feel like they never come through for you. Everyone and everything begging for your time, help, and attention. You constantly hear yourself saying "I should ..." when it's the last thing you want to do. It's so hard to say "NO!"

It's exhausting. Being a people-pleaser costs you dearly.

You're emotionally burnt out from being too nice. And it can cost you your relationships, health, and dreams. You just want to feel better and have close, meaningful relationships. 

You're not alone. And you don't need "Queer Eye" to make you over and tell you to start taking care of yourself.

You already KNOW about self-care. You just don't know what REALLY works. What helps.

You CAN change your life like I did. It's about learning new mindsets and skills.
Have better relationships.
Feel happier, braver, and more confident. 

Imagine . . . 

  • Lavender-scented bubble baths instead of baking brownies for the school fundraiser (and savoring every guiltless moment).

  • Laughing over a candle-lit dinner for two (just like when you first met). It's almost as if he watched a TED Talk and realized it's high time he pulled his weight around the house.

  • Playing games with your kids after they've done their schoolwork and chores (without using your Wicked-Witch-of-the-West card!).

  • Only saying “yes” to things that make your heart sing. As if Marie Kondo personally decluttered your calendar and closets.

Learning isn't a luxury. Be your IDEAL you.

Imagine being the partner, Mom, and friend

you've dreamed of. Happy. Kind. Confident.

Living YOUR best life helps EVERYONE.  

Learn to be DONE -- take one of our courses!

"Secrets to Making Super Easy Decisions You Can Trust"

Learn how to easily and confidently make difficult decisions you can trust even when you're a people-pleaser or just plain, old "too nice."

"When and How to Say NO"

Everything you need to know about saying NO so that you can finally feel happier.


Cheryl Hutchinson, PhD & Claire Hutchinson

artist + educator + psychologist                                          daughter + assistant + dancer

"Oh! I can't do THAT!" 

Stop playing small when you have big, beautiful dreams. Stop putting your passions on the back burner while you take care of every little need, whim, and wish of everyone else.

You need to live your BEST life as your BEST self. Authentic. Kind. Compassionate.

When you lift yourself, you lift those around you. Everybody WINS. 

Cheryl learned the hard way. Don't let that happen to you.

In her mid-30's, her life disintegrated into one filled with canes, wheelchairs, and popping pain medication like tic-tacs. Now her life has completely turned around. Plus she has amazing relationships to boot!

You CAN be DONE with nice. We'll teach you the right skills and mindsets so you'll feel happier, braver, and more confident. And start fulfilling your dreams!


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"I truly admire what you're doing, Cheryl. I personally admire your determination and
character. You're an inspiration." 


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"There is a calmness and grounding quality to Cheryl that can help anyone find their center.
Just like... Velcro and Ziploc bags..., Cheryl Hutchinson has information that we can all
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